What Joe Cook Today?
Season 8, Episode 21
Air date  ?????
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What Steve Cook Today?
Rhyme Time 2

What Joe Cook Today? is the 21st episode of Blue's Clues from season eight. 

Characters Present


Shelley, Joe & Steve welcomes the viewer into the Blue's Clues house, saying that Blue are hungry or because it is lunch time. The viewer agrees to help out, but it seems at first like Shelley, Joe, Steve & Blue are already finished. Then, Shelley notices that Blue has not taken her fork out and so Blue puts it out. Steve asks Joe what does she want to cook since the accesories are Blue already put out. Blue places a pawprint on the screen, letting Shelley know that she will have to play Blue's Clues to find out. He finds Sidetable & retrieves her Notebook. Blue & Shelley spot an overheating stove and turn it off together. As Shelley turns it off, she spots a clue on a Egg. She draws it in her Notebook. They walk to the kitchen where they say hello to Steve Cook French Fries And Cut This Potato With A Knife And Oil In The Pot Ant The Potato Cuted Go To The Pot. Shelley and Blue ignore him, and walk out of the room. Later, Shelley & the viewers find Blue, who hops into a trampoline, causing a scratch. Soon, the second clue, The Breadcrumbs, is found. Shelley Draw In The Notebook. She retrieves the mail from Mailbox. Later, Shelley and Blue skidoo into The Jungle, where they find 10 animals. As She Leaves, She Spots A Clue On a Fish. She draws A Hake it in his notebook. She then realizes that she has found all three of Blue's Clues and goes to the Thinking Chair. She figures out that Blue wants to eat Hake Medallion. Soon, Joe get the Hake Medallion Prepared, And Sit In The Chair To Dinner Hake Medallion. Shelley, Joe & Steve Sings The So Long Song and the episode ends.


  • Egg
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Hake

Correct Answer

Hake Medallion

Incorrect Answer

Hake And Egg Covered by Breadcrumbs