Steve Burns Returns to Blue's Clues Is the first crossover of the series and the 3rd episode of season 9.
Steve Burns Returns to Blue's Clues

Title Card


  • SpongeBob
  • Steve's Son
  • Patrick
  • Squidward (cameo)


The episode starts off with SpongeBob and Patrick watching old episodes of Blues Clues. SpongeBob tells Patrick that he misses that show and would want Steve Burns back. This leads to SpongeBob's adventure to get Steve Burns out of retirement. At the retirement home, SpongeBob sees Steve Burns and tells him to go back into the show. Steve Burns tells him that it has been cancelled for 20 years and that he isn't going back. SpongeBob gets this idea to find Steve Burn's child and have him play as Steve Burns. This new Steve Burns goes into Steve's house which as been neglected for ages. The entire cast is dead and the dog from Blue's Clues has been adopted. SpongeBob sees a salt and pepper shaker telling them that Joe (the 2nd host) has retired and left this home to rot and that they have been living by themselves for 2 decades. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Steve Burn's son decide to get a new dog and clean the house. The episode ends with the entire house getting bulldozed by Nickelodeon telling them that Blue's Clues will never return until it turns out to be a cruel sick joke. Nickelodeon actually shows them the new location for Blue's Clues and gives Steve Burns his job back along with the blue dog.

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