Joe And Shelley Goes To Vacation
Season 8, Episode 23
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Joe And Shelley Goes To Vacation is the 23rd episode of Blue's Clues from season eight.

Charactets Present


Shelley, Joe & Steve welcomes the viewer into the Blue's Clues house, Blue are Playng Rhymes With Shelley, Joe & Steve. Steve asks Shelley & Joe what does He want to do blue's clues since the accesories are Blue already put out. Blue places a pawprint on the screen, letting Shelley know that she will have to play Blue's Clues to find out. He finds Sidetable & retrieves her Notebook. Blue & Steve spot an overheating stove and turn it off together. As Shelley turns it off, she spots a clue on a Chair. He draws it in her Notebook. They walk to the backyard where they say hello to Shovel & Pail To Create a Sand Castle. Shelley walk out of the backyard. Later, Steve Finds the second clue on a picture, The Beach. Steve Draw In The Notebook. He retrieves the mail from Mailbox. Later, Shelley and Blue Goes To the Kitchen To Shake Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper, Paprika & Cinnamon And Leaves The Kitchen. He Spots A Clue On Joe & Shelley. He draws in his notebook. He then realizes that she has found all three of Blue's Clues and goes to the Thinking Chair. He figures out that Joe and Shelley wants to vacation. Soon, Shelley & Joe Leaves The Blue's Clues House Except Steve. Steve Sings The So Long Song,  And Zoom Out The Camera To The Credits The Credits Roll.


  • Chair
  • Beach
  • Joe & Shelley

Correct Answer

Vacation on the beach

Incorrect Answer

Joe And Shelley Are Under The Chair With The Beach On The Chair


The Beach