Boots Birthday is 8th Episode on Season 1

Boots Birthday

3 Clues

1. Yellowish Greenish Color
2. Scales
3. Long Tongue


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Answer to Blue's Clues


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What Blues is Scared of?

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What Kathy Wants to Make?

Character Presents


Randy was Skidoo goes "Let's Go to Don't Tell Boots"


Kathy was not appeared in this Episode

to the tune of Blue's Birthday song

"Have a Happy Birthday You.

and We'll Have a Great Day To.

Everybody Play it's Boots Special Day Happy Birthday."

In the Birthday Card was Male Celebrities

(Murray Cook, Kenan and Kel, Josh Server, Danny Tamberelli, Robin Williams and The Backstreet Boys )

Super Music Friends Show

I'm so happy i can dance the salteens