Blue Take Pictures Is an episode from season 7.

New debuts

Eyed tree and Ball toy.


  • Blue
  • Joe
  • Sidetable Drawer
  • Mailbox
  • Tickety
  • Magenta
  • Mr Salt
  • Mrs Pepper
  • Paprika


Blue has a new camera. As so, They take a hunt. First they find a book, Then a tuba, And then a car. They all had a blast making the tower.

Released: June 17, 2002

Clues & Answer

  • Book
  • Tuba
  • Car
  • Make A Parade


  • Joe Has The Same Hairstyle From The Big Book About Us & Wears A Green Square Shirt
  • The To Play Blue's Clues Clip Is From Can You Help
  • The Mailtime Clip Is From Can You Help
  • Blue Skidoo We Can Too Song Is From I'm So Happy
  • The So Long Song Clip Is From The Snack Chart
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