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The episode starts with Steve saying Hi to the viewer. Blue goes to the kitchen to watch Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper swim in the sink with Paprika. Mailbox comes in to fill his bucket with water. Then, she goes to the living room. Sidetable Drawer also is swimming. Then, she goes to the bedroom. Tickety Tock counts while she swims. Then, she goes to the bathroom. Slippery Soap swims to his boat to fish his fish.

Aired: March 19, 2001


  • Steve Has The Same Hair From Shy
  • The To Play Blue's Clues Clip Is From Occupations
  • Mailtime Clip Is From Shy
  • Blue Skidoo We Can Too Song Is From Season 3-4
  • The So Long Song Clip Is From Magenta Gets Glasses


  1. Water
  2. Park
  3. Slide


Swimming Pool

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